You Cannot Define the Creative

Pottery for me has been growing rapidly, in many ways it terrifies me because it is not what I imagined the artist within myself to be. I partly feel like a sham because I fell into so effortlessly. It is part of my many layers which cannot be placed neatly into a brandable package. With these many layers lies complexity which becomes frustration. Like many creatives, I cringe at being placed within a defined box.

As humans, we thrive on categorization, which in many cases for our survival is crucial. The problem lies in categorizing the intangible: emotion, art, expression, energy & many other mysteries of life. So like many creative types, I am defined by my most notable or popular work, I am told how talented I am in this particular skill and I am given unsolicited advice on how to capitalize on it. That is the goal now isn’t it? Yes, of course, we all aspire to create a sustainable income from what we feel driven towards with great passion as well as material success. But much of creation, the life of the artist, writer, poet, actor, dancer, the designer is uncontrollable as well as organic. It flows in and out as the day turns to night, the seasons change with time passing by. We are sensitive to the world through our eyes, at times making the most minuscule thing the beginning of a new body of work. And this work is draining on many levels which makes it impossible to produce on large scales, consistently like a well-oiled machine. 

Since creation can be volatile, it is unpredictable, at times it can be our savior at others our destruction, making it both a gift and a curse. The creative’s heart, it aches when they are asked to ignore the cycles when they are expected to explain themselves in a perfectly organized established box. They then cringe, turning away from what makes them truly unique. And we all want to be accepted by our fellow human, it is such an ingrained desire. 

Much of what goes on the inside is indescribable & chaotic, it doesn't make much sense most of the time, it just is. And so the creative is in a state of being separate from what is normalized in society, the constant state of doing

Sustaining life as a functioning creative in our world can drive us into living a dual life, much of which is never really seen. It hides in the notebooks, sketchpads, nooks or corners, gardens and living room walls. It is the truest self that battles with the outward image or facade to the world. 

We all have this struggle within us but since the creative is deeply entwined to the duality of our roles, we feel it all too well. Those that embrace their uniqueness, not allowing society to define their inner workings can be greatly rewarded. They live with a certain freedom untouchable to even the harshest critics. It is those that live with this high level of transparency at times feel alone or fearful. But it is only a small risk to take to live the truest path.

Let us all live close to our truth. Let us shed the need to define what is not ours to fully understand with logic. And let us be open to those that choose to do the same.